Viewing items is by very welcome appointment, I can be very flexible to suit you, as with any collections of items purchased. Strong dark colors absorb light while light tints reflect light dating antique furniture feet. We provide to both individuals and Trade dating antique furniture feet. The Stock is attractively displayed over 2400 sq ft with 4 room settings. Gaylord Antiques have been in business since 1966 and we are proud to offer good service and can arrange delivery or shipping needs. A clock housed in a tall wooden case containing weights and a pendulum. I can arrange a full delivery service for you, very reasonable rates and all taken ca. Product Association A process in which lamps, rugs, bed linens and/or accessories are coordinated with Ashley product. This is often used to produce outdoor carpets and sturdy upholstery fabrics resistant to abrasion, pilling, and aging. Canterbury Cedar Chest A rectangular storage chest made of sold cedar or cedar veneers to prevent moth damage on woolens. The seat is often hinged to reveal storage space beneath. You can achieve the perception of texture by lighting and the surface materials of the items. Welting A fabric-covered cord sewed into the edge seams of upholstery where a firm, defined edge is needed as for a box shaped cushion. Harmony Hardwood A general term for the lumber of broad-leafed or deciduous trees in contrast to evergreen or coniferous trees, which are termed softwoods. Pembroke Table Perspective A means of showing a solid object on a surface so as to make it appear to have a third dimension. Lissere Long Care Clock Also referred to as a grandfather clock. K Kiln Dried Wood that has been dried in a control-heated chamber, as opposed to air dried, and is more likely to warp because the drying is less even.

A bold, variegated grain is then produced because the cut follows the log s annual growth rings. The greater the number the firmer the foam. Complete upholstery, furniture repair & antique restoration facilities are available. Capital Cartouche The French word for cartridge, this refers to a scroll-like ornament, often an oval shape which was frequently used as the central motif in a design, and sometimes in a corner of a coved cornice. Accent lighting Decorative lighting used to draw attention to chosen objects and create mood and highlights. This process is supported by the tagging system and national advertising. Bracket foot Breakfront Broadloom Brocade Broken pediment A decorative feature placed at the top of an item of furniture, which resembles a camel s hump. Frieze A heavy pile of upholstery and drapery fabric with rows of uncut loops. Vitrine V Match Veneer cut and butted together to form a decorative pattern in which the wood grain radiates from the centerline to form a pattern resembling a series of V s set one over the other. Spindle Back Splat Staining For wood finishing, this is the process of applying coloring matter to the outer surfaces of wood to enhance the grain, provide uniform overall color, or to imitate or match other cabinet woods. We are situated on the south coast of England between Worthing and Arundel at The Vinery Complex, Poling on the A27. Reverse Box Match A decorative veneer technique similar to a reverse diamond match, and aligned to create a cross-patterned center with right-angled patterns going off in four directions. Wing Chair An upholstered armchair with a high back from which lateral head rests, or “wings”, protrude on either side. Innerspring Mattress A mattress with a center core of springs for buoyancy and resilience. Today s Featured Listing I am a dealer who concentrates on antiques of rarity, quality and design. , “The uprights in the back of that chair”. A growing collection of furniture, lighting, mirrors and collectables.

Also called fiberboard, chip core, hardboard, and medium density fiberboard. We offer free shipping to mainland England. The result is sturdy furniture with a decorative outer appearance..
. Highboy A high chest of drawers, deriving its name from haut bois, which is French for high wood. Butterfly Table A small folding table with splayed legs generally turned. Four Post Bed / Four Poster A bed having a post at each corner supporting a canopy. Dresser/Dressing table An item of bedroom furniture consisting of a low table with drawers, usually with a kneehole and frequently having a mirror attached to the top. The objective is to reclaim short unusable pieces of lumber into longer useable pieces. Windsor Chair A popular 18th century wooden chair having a solid seat and a back formed from a bent wood hoop and vertical spindles. Grommet A plastic, metal, or rubber ring that is inserted into a hole made through another material. The test and measurement is done to a 4” x15” x 15” piece of foam placed on a flat surface. Stretcher A horizontal arrangement of rails used to connect the legs on tables and chairs to provide structural strength. The members can be bolted, riveted or welded to the gusset. Rough surfaces tend to absorb sound and light and tend to give off a warm feeling. ...

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